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One of the most important things to remember is what is done is done. That means the baby is already there and there isn?t a way to take that back. It is easy for the teen and the teen?s family to think this is the end of the world, but it?s not and can in fact be a great blessing.

Keeping a positive outlook and being supportive to the teen is very important. Giving her motivation that she can be a good mother and offering her help (within reason) is key to keeping her and her baby mentally healthy. It is hard on everyone but only if you make it hard.

Taking classes on nutrition would also be a good idea for the mother to be. Being a teen, it isn?t usually stressed of how important good nutrition is, and especially how much more it is important when you are carrying a child. A pregnant woman has different calorie needs and must have a balanced eating schedule to promote good health for they?re child. Many pregnant teens do not eat the right foods for good nutrition.

It is also very important for the mother to take her prenatal vitamins daily and keep all visits to the doctor. Sometimes it is very complicated to go through a pregnancy if a teen. Making sure that you go to every check up to keep track of the growth of the fetus. Also, make sure you call the doctor if there is any pain or abnormal discharge. Generally, the physician will stress the importance of this as well.

Taking care of yourself mentally and physically when you are a pregnant teen can be a huge task. It is almost vital that you have someone there to help. A lot of time that is the family of the pregnant teen.

Being in this situation is a big stress at times but we live and learn and there are a lot of mothers who have had there children as teens and got through it and now are happy and healthy and also have happy and healthy children.










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