Effects of Teen Pregnancy














Effects of Teen Pregnancy

The effects of pregnancy on a teen are many in number. The effects include making decisions that they aren't ready to make like, whether or not to keep the baby, abort the baby, or give the baby up for adoption. Then there are the effects of each of those decisions. Also the body is changing at a rapid speed, most of the time the partner is not there to help make these kinds of decisions.

A lot of pregnant teens don't know where to turn when they find out they are pregnant. They don't want to tell their parents and end up trying to hide the pregnancy as long as they can. The effect of this is bad prenatal care. The teen doesn't realize the importance of good nutrition to promote good health for them and their child. They also don't realize the major effects of drug and alcohol use and getting an accurate amount of sleep at night. Many activities that a teen may perform could be too strenuous for her when she is pregnant also.

Many emotional effects occur during this time also. Depression could make her feel like she is no good and a worthless person. She may also feel resentment to her partner for doing this to her. A lot of young women who are pregnant have a lot of fear that they can't be the mothers they want to be. Frustration that they will not be able to do the things that the rest of their peers are doing will also affect them.

Finishing school and participating in activities after the child is born becomes a big chore. The mother may be able to get help and do some of the activities that she likes to do but guilt and feeling like they don't fit in with the other young ladies their age makes those activities unattractive. They may feel like they don't fit in. All of this is natural for a teen pregnancy.

Teen pregnancy is very common and there are many groups and organizations that are designed to help teens that are pregnant. Don't feel like you are alone if you are in this position, help is there.









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