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Teen Pregnancy Symptoms - First Trimester

Many things are going on physically and mentally in a pregnant woman in the first trimester. Being a pregnant teen makes it a little more trying not only are you having problems accepting that you are pregnant but, you're probably also trying to figure out the best way to let your loved ones know that you are pregnant. It's hard because you know they are going to be disappointed. Your only thought is that the pregnancy test must have been wrong and your period will be coming at any time. It may only have been a week since you found out you were pregnant but you have a thousand things going on inside your body.

One of the many things you may be dealing with in your first trimester is morning sickness. Often things you eat, swallow, etc might trigger your morning sickness. Morning sickness can actually occur at any time in the day and it is not necessarily just in the morning. Usually you can calm your stomach down a bit by eating some saltine crackers. Morning sickness is caused by an increase in the level of estrogen and the enlarging of the uterus.

You may be extremely moody and have chronic headaches and fatigue. This is also caused by the change that is occurring in your body. As a teenager it could be very disturbing so if you can it is comforting to talk to other pregnant women or someone who has been pregnant to understand that it is normal to feel this way.

When you do get the knowledge you need about your first trimester you may be anxious to get through it, as that is when you would be most likely to have a miscarriage. It is important to keep your regular visits to your doctor so he or she can monitor you and your babies health. Most generally, you will get to hear your babies heartbeat and that will help you to know everything is okay.

It is important to really pay attention to what you are eating especially in your first trimester. This is when your babies organs are starting to develope. Having enough of each food group is important. Taking your prenatal vitamins is necessary as well. Just keep in mind in a few short weeks you will be in your second trimester and then you should be able to get some of your old energy and enthusiasm back. Remember teen or not, a child is a great blessing.









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