Signs of Teen Pregnancy














Signs of Teen Pregnancy

Do you think your teen might be pregnant? There are signs to watch for. If you notice any of these signs, get your teen to the doctor as soon as possible so she can start on good prenatal care. The first trimester is very important for the development of the child. Statistics show teens normally don't eat the right foods for good nutrition and development. Not only do they usually not eat healthy but they aren't aware of the causes of not having good prenatal care.

One sign to look for is missed menstrual periods. A parent can usually detect this because they are purchasing the sanitary napkins that are needed. In some cases the teen may purchase their own in which case a parent may be able to see wrappers in the trash as they empty them etc. Remember, it is important to find out as soon as possible if your teen is pregnant. Sometimes your teen may just have abnormal or unusual menstrual periods, which could also be a sign of pregnancy.

Another sign to watch for is vomiting and increased urination. Your teen may try to hide being pregnant from everyone in the fear they will be very disappointed. She may hide somewhere when she has to vomit, she may also frequently use the restroom. Morning sickness is very common with pregnant women, so if she complains of stomach weakness or vomiting, especially in the morning, this could be a sign of teen pregnancy.

Having strange cravings is also a sign of pregnancy. Keeping a log of what your teen eats could be helpful. A lot of the time the parent knows what the teen tends to eat. Changes in eating behavior and eating foods they don't normally eat are a good sign that they could be pregnant.

One of the later signs of teen pregnancy could be wearing baggy clothes and not wearing the clothes you are used to seeing her in. A lot of teens try to hide their pregnancy as long as they possibly can and for most that could be past the first trimester of their pregnancy.

Although these signs can be used for symptoms of other medical issues when two or more signs are happening at the same time try a pregnancy test. Paying attention to these signs can mean the health of your child.










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